- above all, we place the highest importance on integrity.

Customer Service

- our dedication to customer service exceeds expectations.


- our commitment to quality is second to none.

Global Reach

- Horizon is excited to be part of Excellence Logging, the independent global leader in geological services.

November 2015 marked an exciting time as we joined forces with Excellence Logging. Since then we’ve been busy adding improved technology and more advanced services. Even though these are turbulent times in the industry, we haven’t stopped investing in our future or yours.

The Horizon and Excellence Logging Difference

Excellence Logging is more than a vendor; we’re your trusted partner.

When you use Excellence Logging’s services, you get more than just mud loggers, geosteerers, or wellsite geologists; you get a whole team committed to serving you. Our dedication to your project impacts each member of the Excellence Logging team on a day-to-day basis. We work together to ensure your requirements are exceeded and the quality, performance, and standards you expect are always met.

As your partner, we understand the need to have the most knowledgeable, experienced, and professional geologists and loggers. Our employees are some of the top degreed geologists and non-degreed loggers in the industry, and they possess the skills, experience, leadership, and professionalism that make them the leaders in the industry.

When it comes to geological services, no one beats the quality of Excellence Logging. When it comes to personnel, no one consistently offers better people than Excellence Logging.

Who We Are

Excellence Logging is the leading independent global geological services firm in the oil and gas industry. We’re committed to providing expertise and guidance throughout planning, implementation, and monitoring of the drilling process. Our proven track record of delivering customizable mud logging and geosteering solutions puts our partners and customers on the fast track to success while drilling. Since Horizon Well Logging’s inception in 1988, we have helped our customers across the nation reach drilling success through innovative technology, a unique personalized approach to geological services, and unparalleled customer service. Our core values dictate every aspect of how we operate. Whether serving customers, enhancing employee experience, or changing the industry through innovation, we are dedicated to the Excellence Logging Core Values of DEDICATED INNOVATION, EXCELLENCE IN ACTION, AND PEOPLE DRIVEN ORGANIZATION.