What We Do

Today’s drilling is different from drilling of the past. With technological advances, real-time information, and new exploration, we recognize the amazing future of the oil and gas industry, and we’re dedicated to offering the best geological solutions on the market. Our mission is to provide you with top-notch, professional geological services in order to help you succeed, and we do it by delivering the most innovative solutions to America’s oil and gas industry.

Mud Logging

Our approach to mud logging is a unique blend of experience and innovation. We’ve developed a wellsite process on which our loggers are trained extensively. This process includes daily mud logs, email reports, and analyzing and cataloging of samples. Additionally, each report and log goes through an extensive quality assurance process, which includes Supervisor spot checks and Quality Analyst review. With an educated work force and a rigorous system, our mud logging service rivals that of any geology organization in the nation. More »


Our geosteering services were developed over the course of the 2,000+ wells we’ve steered and enhanced based upon our deep knowledge of and experience with horizontal drilling. Performed by our geosteerers with experience in every major horizontal play in the country, we go far beyond the normal analysis performed by other companies, and we do it far faster than they can. Through focusing extensively on wellsite geological data and our knowledgeable geologists who are trained in field-to-office communication, we serve as your information conduit – enabling you the best opportunity for drilling success. More »

Wellsite Geology

In line with providing the highest level of field geology services, this offering utilizes Excellence Logging employees as your own hands-on wellsite consultant. In addition to traditional mud logging services, our wellsite geologists geosteer on-site, quality control the wireline log, assist with casing points, and interact with other wellsite vendors. Having trained specifically in all of these areas enables the wellsite geologist to seamlessly adapt to your specific requirements and standards. Excellence Logging's wellsite geology provides you not only the best in mud logging and geosteering, but also the opportunity to have a fully trained field geologist at your fingertips. More »

Advanced Geochemistry and Rock Mechanics

If you’re looking for the next step up in advanced information, our geochemical services are just what you need. We perform XRF and XRD analysis in our own lab or in near real-time at your rig site. You will receive elemental composition information from our XRF service and mineralogical composition from our XRD analysis…all delivered in a graphical, easy-to-interpret format. When combined with interpretations by our expert geochemists, this service provides the information you need to help you find the sweet spots in your drilling program.