We perform XRF and XRD analysis in our own lab in Odessa, TX, or in near real-time at your rig site. We provide light elements, major rock-forming elements (Si, Al, Ca, K, Na, Mg, Fe), and elemental ratios (Si/Al, Ca/K, Fe/S, Si/Ca, Ca/Mg).

Our XRD service provides an analysis of sand/silt and clay-size fractions, rock, or sediment. Silicates, carbonates, clays, and other chemical phases are reported as weight percentages of samples against measured depth. XRD diffractograms are provided for each sample analyzed.

When combined with interpretations by our expert geochemists, this service provides the information you need to help you find the sweet spots in your drilling program.

Click here to check out the geochemical poster we presented at the 2016 WTGS Fall Symposium!