Our state-of-the-art Geosteering Operations Center is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and performs Excellence Logging’s remote geosteering work. The Center is staffed by highly qualified, field-trained, and experienced geosteering professionals. Through multi-shift operations, we offer our customers a hands-on, 24-hour approach to drilling, which has allowed us to develop a highly successful, sophisticated methodology for locating and staying in target pay zones. Our in-house geosteerers work alongside customers’ geologists from the beginning stages of reviewing geological prognoses and seismic data through reaching the appropriate depth and staying in zone. We assist the geologist and directional driller with choosing the appropriate drill path until reaching total depth, when we provide a final report summarizing the story of the well. Our degreed geologists utilize both SES and internal software to ensure the accuracy and quality of deliverables. Like our mud logging service, geosteering is held to the highest of standards and is subject to its own rigorous quality control procedures without delaying the delivery of time-critical information. Each interpretation is reviewed prior to customer submission to ensure it meets both internal and customer requirements for accuracy, format, and content.

We also provide in-house geosteering services that give geologists direct, in-person access to the Excellence Logging geosteerers. For in-house geosteering, Excellence Logging personnel are based in the operator’s offices where they can review proprietary information, meet face-to-face with the geology and engineering teams, and work in real-time alongside the team. This is a premium service that can be provided at surprisingly affordable flat rates.

Whether performing remote or in-house geosteering, our geosteering services are meant to take the load off you and your team. Let us work 24x7 so you don’t have to!