We understand safety is important to your team, and we feel the same way.

Our unwavering commitment to safety includes:

  • A full-time Safety Coordinator; responsible for all safety training and compliance.
  • HSE program modeled after the ANSI Z10 standard.
  • Employees required to successfully complete PEC’s SafeLand training, ensuring we have the best trained oilfield workers in our industry segment.
  • We require all employees to become a member of DISA, an E&P industry consortium that manages drug and alcohol policies and testing.
  • We are registered with PEC Safety and are members of PICS. Our Safety Coordinator is certified to conduct PEC SafeLand, SafeGulf, TRAP, GHS Orientation, and Core Compliance courses.
  • Our registration with ISNetworld, with an Outstanding “A” grade from many of the United States’ largest E&P companies.
  • A “short service employee” policy, ensuring recent hires receive safety training and mentoring during their first months on the job.
  • We utilize Injury Case Management by Axiom Medical Consulting, LLC. Axiom provides immediate reponse and direction for any injuries.
We take safety very seriously. Affordable, quality services are an important part of your decision, but we understand safety plays an integral part as well. Our commitment to safety shows in our records:

  • Since 2012, Excellence Logging in the US has an incident rate of 0.33, compared to an industry average of 0.63 per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
When in the field, you need to know you have the safest, most reliable, and most dependable people working for you. Excellence Logging provides those people, and they all have safety as their top priority.