Excellence Logging is the premier geological services firm in the oil and gas industry. Operating in the US as Horizon Well Logging, we started in the Mid-Continent in 1988 and began expansion to Appalachia, Texas, and the Rockies after 2008. We have always provided our customers with the very best in service, quality, technology, and communication. Through our proprietary, continuous training and development system, we are also able to provide one of the industry’s most educated and well-trained workforces.

We are proud to offer a variety of services, technology, processes, and programs created entirely around your specific needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of each of our offerings. Having logged 10,000+ wells and geosteered 2,000+ horizontal and directional wells during our rich history, we are confident our expertise, knowledge, and dedication to accurate and timely information gives our clients an advantage during and after drilling.

Our team is truly the eyes and ears of geologists and drilling engineers from the Rockies to the Appalachians.

Excellence Logging Training & Development Program

This training and development program employs recent geology graduates, military veterans, and experienced mud loggers in field positions, allowing them to build their field geology skills and experience while at the same time significantly improving the accuracy and reliability of the geologic information that is the foundation of the products and services Horizon provides. By continually training our field employees, we enable much more sophisticated communication between the geologist in the office and the service professional in the field. More »

Quality Assurance Program

The advantage we offer through our rigorous quality assurance program is the most error-free reports and logs in the industry. All of our field team’s deliverables are reviewed daily by our 24x7 Quality Analysts to verify accurate data and correct format. This process provides complete assurance that both our internal standards and your standards are consistently met.

We understand the need for accuracy during all stages of the drilling process and are committed to bringing you just that with our dedicated quality assurance team. All you have to do is dictate the requirements, and we apply them to our work. It’s that simple. More »